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Uploading Local Photos

By uploading content you hereby declare that you are personally responsible for what you upload and release Tack-it from any liabilities and responsibilities related to your upload.  Tack-it is just hosting your upload.

By uploading your photo content, you certify that it is free from any copyrights and trademarks. If you are a copyright holder you hereby release any such copyrights to Tack-it.  All uploaded photos must NOT contain

A: Profanity words or imply profanity by using gestures,

B: Adult content, porn or not safe for children images,

C: Pictures of tattoo, body piercing and other forms of body art,

D:  Hatred or imply hatred to any group or ethnicity,

E: Discriminatory content in any way,

F: Any content that violates any US laws including copyrights.

Tack-it reserves the right to delete any content deemed unacceptable and reserves the right to determine what content is acceptable even if you uploaded content that you believe complies with the upload policy.  Any content that turns out to be copyright protected will be deleted as soon as Tack-it learns of it.

Tack-it reserves the right to terminate any user account for policy violations or for uploading copyright protected images.


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