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About Us

Who We Are

Tack-it is itself a small business. Our office is located along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan, in southwestern Michigan. After many years in the planning phase followed by a few years in the design and construction phase, Tack-it's debut to internet users came on April 30th, 2010.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a community centered, family friendly website connecting users wishing to buy, sell, trade, connect and share both on-line and more importantly off-line. This means giving you, the user, the tools to create, print and display your items for sale on local community posting boards provided by your local small businesses. In doing this we also aspire to provide an effective platform dedicated to supporting local and regional small businesses within their respective communities. Tack-it, in an effort to serve and give back to each community we serve and the small businesses within them, provides free advertising for these local small businesses.

How We Came to Be

Tack-it conceptually began in early 1999, coincidentally the result of a costly yet unproductive traditional classified. The origin of the Tack-it name was conceived a short time later by the designer, while passing a community posting board in a local grocery store. The vast number of varying color pushpins, and tacks used to display the colorful array of individual paper postings seemed a perfect representation. The first domain was then quickly secured, followed by others over the years. Tack-it remained conceptual in nature for nearly 8 years to follow. The general concept of a web-based community classified or posting service remained a constant throughout. At last, in the fall of 2007, Tack-it moved forward from conceptual design and initial work began on the site. We are excited to offer our site to all its' users and hope that each individual's experience is a positive one. As with any service, Tack-it will strive to make changes as they become apparent to the ever changing needs of our users. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Thank You

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