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Tack-it® is a community based posting service providing web based free classified postings to all our users along with a number of added tools and features all free of charge.

To get started simply enter your 5 digit postal code above.

Post & Print®

With Post & Print® our users are not restricted by the number of web visits alone.

Post & Print® is a unique feature that allows our users to: create and print display type versions of your online classified ads by a few simple clicks of the mouse, and provides an interactive map showing local places to post or display your printed version.

Watch for the Post & Print® button as seen below. It is located within each of your posted classifieds.

Post & Print ®

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At Tack-it we believe that smaller local and regional businesses are the foundation of every economy and workforce.  Tack-it, in doing our part to support these special people, provides community based advertisement space for local, regional and featured sponsors. We encourage you to take time to see what your community sponsors have to offer.

We appreciate your feedback, suggestions, success stories, and/or comments.  Enjoy using our site and please feel free to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, email, share, carrier pigeon, or simply tell friends about Tack-it.

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